Leon Johnson's campaign roaring loud.

Dear hobbyists, 


Leon Johnson's Kickstarter campaign has started so strong that all stretch goals have been reached already. Worry not, new backer, for we are plotting a new range of exciting and amazing new stretch goals that will be soon announced.


Besides this, voices arrive from the Galaxy's raging fronts of news and rumours. The vastly known Dakka Dakka forum, has opened up a thread to discuss, comment, criticise and even share photos of the Patriarch's miniature. 


However, news don't stop so fast. Also, in this same forum banners with the link to the Patriarch's campaign can be found all across its sections and areas.



After only 2 days of campaign we are very happy with the backer's response, not only for their pledges, but also for their comments and excited reactions. 


This has encouraged us to rethink our stretch goals (which were all reached very early) so we can keep interest in the campaign high and we can reward this magnificent support we are receiving. Stay tuned to new updates from our side, because there will be plenty !



Hail the Lion !

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