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This start of 2018 in bringing together many interesting news for Txarli Factoy. We are very pleased to announce progress in three main areas. These three fields are:

  • Wicked Teams production is ready and waiting for shipping. Our backers will start receiving their sets in the coming weeks. We are very pleased with the overal quality of the carton and printing, and we hope for this kit to be a great accessory for every Fantasy Football lover.
  • The RatMax kickstarter campaign finished successfully, for which we thank thoroughly all our backers. We are already running the pledge manager so we could deliver the kits by March, as we promised in our campaign.
  • We are currently working in our most detailed miniature ever. The angel of dark patriarch, Lord of the First Legion is about to wake up and his roar will be heard in all confines of the galaxy. We have chosen this character to portray in a fantastic miniature due to its many sides and personality traits and how controversial the first legion got to become. We have some snapshots from the concept art that will give you a hint of what's coming up in our lineup.


Here are the Wicked team carton printouts, which only require to be punched, set on the bases and fielded in the Fantasy Fotball pitches across all the Old World.

The RatMax gutter runner on this picture, as well as all his teamates from the Kickstarter campaign will be sent to their backers / coaches in March.

Here you have a glimpse on how Leon Johnson's miniature could look like when it finally arises from his 10.000 years sleep in The Rock.

However, this is not the full picture of our pipeline; we are also working on adding new produtcs to our online shop, sets of positional players, and plenty more in the scope. Stay tuned for the next issue of our blog post and newsletter. Newsletter to which you can subscribe in the botton below:

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    Txarli Factory (Wednesday, 21 February 2018 20:26)

    Thank you very much Frederick for your comment and interest. We believe we didnt infringe any copyright law with our original post. Still, we have already made some modifications to be on the safe side. We hope you like the miniature, which is what counts ! ;)

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    Frederick (Wednesday, 21 February 2018 18:55)

    Is Leon gamesworkshop approved? BB stuff aren't really a litigation point for GW lines as long as you don't use official names but this sounds like copyright infringement to me.

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